Tuesday, April 9, 2013

kesid: 9 and 10 months

I'm slacker mom lately. Well, maybe just slacker blog mom. I've been trying to spend more time engaged with the girls and less on phone or computer...therefore I'm behind on blogging.

Kesid is 10 months! These past two months have been full of changes for her. She has become so expressive in the last few days even. We are so in love with this baby girl! Praise the Lord for "His loving kindness!"

Some updates:

Kesid is all over the place. She crawls and walks along furniture. She loves to stand up holding onto the kitchen chairs and push them all along the hardwood. She is also obsessed with the STAIRS!  (these pictures are from closer to 9 months when she first started going up the stairs)

She is nursing 4-5 times and eating 3 meals of solids and 1 snack a day. It's fun to give her new things and watch her enjoy (our kids like food!!) new tastes.

We had her tested for allergies this last month because she was having a rough time with eczema and rashes on her bottom. This test wasn't fun... but it also wasn't as bad as I had expected. She fussed a little when they were scratching her back and applying the allergen? but once they were done she was super cuddly while we waited for the results. They told us that she's not technically allergic to anything but she did show some sensitivity to a few things. Eggs, carrots, some fruits, avocado, and peanuts. The only thing I'm really concerned about is the peanuts. Our family has a history with peanut allergies so we will wait until 3 years to introduce her to them. They advised us to kind of experiment with some of those foods and see if it had any affect on her eczema. I took out carrots and her rashes cleared right up.

 After they cleaned her back off and put on an anti-itch cream all the redness went away.

I'm also thinking about dropping the dream feed for Kesid. It's hard for me because I love how sweet she is after that feeding. (I don't do a typical "dream" feed... I let our kids wake up afterward but stay sleepy. They both have gone down just fine afterward.) We bring her into our bed for that feeding and she is just so cuddly and smiley that it's hard to give it up. The reason I'm wanting to drop it is so that I can put Lyds and Kes in the same room at night. It's hard to put them in and then have to go in to feed Kes and not wake up Lyds. I've done one night of not feeding her and she went until 6 am.

A favorite thing of mine that Kesid does is wrestle. If I lay down on the floor she will crawl over and start attacking me. She just giggles and gives me kisses. Lydia often chimes in too...it's fun to see them play together although Lyds some times gets a little too rough. I'm trying to find the balance of letting Lydia be rough without hurting and Kesid not being a wimp.

Kesid says dada, mama, baba, and hi. She waves hi and bye and blows kisses. It's fun to see her learn these new things and start to be able to communicate. We are still waiting for the baby signs of more, eat, please. She is awfully impatient when it's time to eat, she can barely sit through the prayer.

At her nine month appointment she weighed and was inches long (we just went last week to the dr and she was right at 20 lbs!!!)

We thank the Lord for these precious 10 months and praise Him for a healthy happy baby girl! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Happy 10 months baby girl!

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  1. She is such a cutie! The allergy test looked so sad - I"m worried about starting solids with Gwen because I'm afraid she may have some allergies too . . . we will see I guess.