Wednesday, January 2, 2013

kesid: 7 months

The last day of 2012 our sweet Kesid turned 7 months. We are now on the downward slope away from  babyhood and toward big girl. Soon she'll be walking and talking and peeing on the potty and going to school. Whaa whaa whaa! Can you tell that I'm depressed my baby is getting so big?

I cannot get enough of this kid. She is so sweet and chubby and I want to eat her up! 

Kesid has her bottom two teeth. I have started giving her food again in the last few weeks and she loves it! She has had butternut squash, peas, carrots, regular squash, and green beans and bananas (she didn't like bananas). I am currently giving her lunch and dinner. I tried giving her bananas this morning but she wasn't having it.

Kesid is all over the place. She crawls around and is starting to pull up onto/crawl on top of short things (like a box on the floor or the side of her pack in play or underneath the coffee table).

Just in the last few days she has started to wave and say "ba ba ba." If we say hi to her and wave she'll start saying ba ba and wave. She is also doing this thing where she sucks in her upper lip and sticks at those chubby cheeks. SO CUTE! 

Kesid is very ticklish. Her shoulders and her thighs are the hot spots. 

She is a good sleeper during the day and goes down for bed time at night great but has not been sleeping through the night consistently. I'm hoping to work on this when I know she is feeling okay. She has had a little cold recently so I've been showing some grace :)... (aka I don't want to hear her crying through the night... I just feed her so I can go back to sleep!)

in this picture below you can see a piece of her tooth!

 she didn't pull her self up to this height...I stood up her up and she held on

Happy 7 months sweet Kes!

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  1. I can't believe she's 7 months! Such a pretty girl. :-)