Thursday, January 10, 2013

first snow

Last year's winter was pretty mild here in Kentucky. We didn't have any snow so Lyds had never experienced it until a few weeks ago. It was fun to wake up and have a few inches! We got all bundled up and headed out to play while Kesid was taking her morning nap.

Lydia was really interested in the snow.

Patrick started rolling up a snow man. Lydia liked helping him pat the snowman to pack it in and make it smooth. After the bottom ball was ready she wanted to sit on it.

 Patrick showed Lydia how to eat the snow. She loved it! Kept eating it and calling it water.

We had a little snowball fight which Lydia thought was funny until Patrick tackled me and rubbed snow in my face.... then she got scared and was done.

Grandpa and Grandma even came out to play

Afterwards we came inside and had hot chocolate. Lydia even got her own big mug! Probably every day since she has asked for hot chocolate :)

And a few days later it died.

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