Saturday, December 21, 2013

john and brooke to aprica

A little over a month ago we said good bye to my bro and sis in law as they left for 2 years to share the good news of Christ in Africa. We are so encouraged by their faithfulness and trust in the Lord.

It was hard to see them go knowing that the next time we get to give them a physical hug our families will look a lot different. Whether or not the Lord blesses any of us with more children the children that already are here will look much different. Lydia will be almost 5 and Kesid will be 3 1/2. We are so thankful for face time and other technology that allows us to communicate with them so easily.

Here are a few pictures from the morning they left.

We all got together at Patrick's parents for breakfast and hanging out. Lydia of course needed to get a hold of aunt Brooke's guitar. 
 This is Brooke's niece. What a cutie! Since this day Lyd's has named all her babies after her!
 Sweet sisters!
 More friends met us at the airport to say farwell!

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