Saturday, November 30, 2013

thanksgiving 2013

We just wrapped up a fun turkey-filled few days! We are thankful to be so close to family and sweet friends to celebrate the holiday with.

Wednesday night we hosted our gospel community group from church. Thursday we went to my in laws for dinner with family and friends and then Saturday (today) we went to my parents to celebrate with my mom's side of the family.

Wednesday was the only night that was photographed.
It was great to have our GCG over to share a delicious meal. I seriously have grown to love hosting these. It's stressful, yes... but there is also something really fun about having so many people that you care about gathered around your table enjoying good food and fellowship. Especially when so many of them are far from home.

I took a few pictures of random fall decorations around our house this year.
 I saw this print on instagram by @calebfaires (who is amazingly talented) Wednesday morning and since I didn't have time to order... I just made my own.
Yummy gluten free pumpkin pie on a cake stand that my Nanny just gave to me from her house. I love it.
We added both extensions into our table to try and seat all of our guests at one table... Our table was 9.5 feet long!!
The blue pitcher and bowl were my other grandmothers. It is so special to have pieces in our home that belonged to those I love. I love their simplicity and color!

For dinner with our GCG Lauryn made the turkey and I made my first ham. Everyone pitched in on the sides and it all turned out wonderful!
kids table below
And the adults (minus me)! 13 adults at one table!!
Thursday morning we woke up and took it slow. It was nice! We had a casual breakfast, stayed in our PJ's and decided to put up the Christmas tree. The girls were excited to help! Lydia really wanted to sing "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" after we put it up so we kept it out in the middle for a bit and sang and danced.
That night when we got back from the Schreiner's we turned on the lights and the girls were both mesmerized. Kes was particularly enthralled with the lights. She kept saying "look, look, tree."
I absolutely love the one on the right below. Kesid's face is so sweet!
We are very thankful for all of the wonderful blessings the Lord has granted us this year. We are so undeserving but our Heavenly Father has lavishly given us lots and lots of good gifts! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

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