Friday, March 19, 2010

way to go Patrick way to go *clap*clap*

I feel like bragging on Patrick a little. He has had a really tough week of school, but has come through like a champ.

First he had a mid term in Advanced Greek Grammar (sounds awful huh?) This class is so hard that the teacher curves the grades so that 85-100 is an A. It's probably one of the toughest classes at seminary. Anyway Patrick studied hard and did really well. That was Tuesday. Wednesday he spoke at a local high school's chapel.
After chapel he got to work studying for his Dad's New Testament Theology mid term. He took it today and got a 94!!!! Way to go Patrick!!!

Thats not all, he got an email today saying he had been awarded a biblical studies award from Southern. He was nominated and voted on by professors in the school of theology. He won some money for it and will be recognized in chapel.

Patrick is super dedicated to his studies and it has really paid off this week.

Everybody now... Way to go Patrick! Way to GO *clap*clap*


  1. Congrats Pat! :) Jessica

  2. BRAVO, PATRICK, BRAVO!! (*pat on the back*)