Sunday, August 16, 2009

Introducing Kirby!!

My sister had some puppies show up on her property Friday and just happened to call and ask if we wanted one. WE DID! We drove down last night and picked up our first puppy.
Here are a few of his stats:
His name is Kirby.
He's a yellow lab.
He's six weeks old.
He sleeps A LOT!
WE love him!
Another plus of getting him, was that we had to drive down to Bowling Green to pick him up. That means we got to see my sister! WE also got to visit with Matt, Bekah's husband and see Patrick's brother John. It was a good night. Check out Bekah's "ready-to-pop-ness"


  1. Cute puppy! I love labs....they looks so wise and stately when they are older, but are adorable when they are younger!

  2. I love the blog!! Didn't know you were a photographer!! I will definitely keep that in mind!! You know I am a dog lover!! Congrats on that!!