Wednesday, July 1, 2009


June 30th 2009 my mom turned 49. We have something in common... we're both youngins.:)

Here's a little of what she has taught me:

~how to be super silly and always ready for a good laugh (that may or may not make you wet your pants). Get my mom going and she's hard to stop. If she is around her sister or any of my sisters I can garauntee you she is letting out a flambouyant laugh with her hands over her mouth and legs crossed trying to not to wet her pants.

~how to be faithful and content with what you have. Growing up we didn't live in excess. We had what we needed but sometimes not much more. I never heard my mom complain and she always made it work.

~how to serve. Mom stayed at home with all of us while Dad worked his tail off to provide for our family. I know that many days we were probably about to drive her nuts but she continued to love us and serve not only all of us kids, but Dad as well. Mom counted us and our desires more important than herself. Despite our lack of gratitude, Mom often sacrificed for us.

~how to cook. (Patrick is thankful for this one:) My Mom is an awesome cook and was kind enough to let me help...even though sometimes my helping meant taking over and pushing her out of the way. Mom made the kitchen (and the rest of our home) a happy place to be. I will always love cooking with her!

~how to pray. Having five kids and some extras usually tagging along, meant Mom spent a lot of time cooking and cleaning. I have learned that these times can often be great opportunities to pray. Sit in the living room while Mom is in the kitchen doing dishes and you'll hear a faint whisper of a prayer. Mom is a woman of prayer that I am very thankful for.

~how to love one man. Mom and Dad no doubt had their fair share of disagreements but their love and committment for one another always won out. My parents have been married for almost 30 years and are still very much in love.

~how to love one God. Both of my parents are believers and have raised us to fear the Lord. My Mom loves the Lord and His word.

~last but not least, my Mom has taught me how to be a great Mom.


  1. What a sweet post! I hope your mom has a wonderful birthday!

  2. I liked reading about the lessons you learned from you mom! Moms are great, aren't they?

  3. Such a great post and so true!!

  4. that was so sweet hannah!! i am looking forward to meeting your mom =D