Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This is a post created by mckmama as a way to fess up on things we totally did not do. A place to be brutally honest and realize that we are all human. So for my first time ever "Not Me! ing"...

I did not have to push and push myself just to run one mile. I am not that out of shape.

I am not just writing a not me at ten o' clock at night.

I did not nag and nag my husband about speeding this weekend to only have him tell me that I was "not" going WAY over the speed limit on a highly patrolled road.

I did not give my sister a birthday letter written on a Heine Brothers Coffee napkin because I was so bored and had nothing else to do.

I am not about to go to bed after working out and totally ignore showering until the morning... that's gross I would never do that.

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  1. I tried commenting on Monday but stupid Blogger won't let me!!!

    I lived close to BG for a while and still go back from time to time to visit friends. And a friend of mine also went to SBTS. What a small world ;-)

    So anyway, welcome to the blogging world!